Published 07/20/2011 by MoonieZ

Been reading some books. Have some more lined up to get started on. I haven’t read this much for a long time but I kind of like it. Reading books is a good way to pass some time during these warm summer days when most things seem to slow down.

The books I’m reading are Something Borrowed, Eat Pray Love and the Harry Potter series. Also have one or two more after I’m done with those.

I’m going to use these books for my writing project at the office, so it’s a win-win deal for me. Now I only hope I will get the writing going so that I can make something happen and maybe even get my life going again. Wouldn’t be a day too soon.

The years keep adding up. I’ve been out of work for more than 4 years if I add all the time up. Except for 6 months in 2008 I’ve only been job searching and not much else. Well I’ve learned to drive of course but that’s about all. And last year I learned to drive forklifts.

And all of this I’ve already written too many times. That’s it. I’ve started to repeat myself. About time to stop writing until I can write something new. Not much fun for my readers to only read the same old things over and over.

Maybe I’ll be returning with some reviews of the books I’ve read. That would be something new at least.



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