Saturday July 16

Published 07/16/2011 by MoonieZ

Middle of July. Summer is half way gone. I can already sense the coming cold and darkness of winter. Even if the last few weeks have been rather warm and cosy.

Not much news to report. I’ve been reading a lot this week. Have read one book from start to finish and gotten half way through another one. Have a whole bunch of other books lined up to read later. I will finally be starting to read the Harry Potter books. This I do because I want to know what it’s all about now that the whole phenomenon is on its last round of hype due to the last movie opening this week.

At the office I continue working on my projects. Not much to report.

Haven’t done much chatting since my friend has not been around much this week. Been busy with other things. I rarely venture into any random chat rooms these days. I’m kind of happy just to visit one or two rooms on a regular basis. After all the years I’ve put into it I have started to feel like I’d want to do something else with my time. Sure it’s fun making new friends but there are also other aspects which are not as much fun.

I devote my time to keeping the friends I have and  try not to worry too much about anything else.

Today I’ll be doing some chores, perhaps go for a drive or do some shopping. It looks like the weather won’t be too good but not too bad too.

In the evening I might sleep early. Haven’t slept much tonight and it takes a toll on me.

Happy weekend!



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