About time

Published 06/16/2011 by MoonieZ

Next weekend is the Midsummer celebration here in Sweden. Tradition states dancing around a pole, eating traditional food (mostly fish), strawberries and drinking a lot of alcohol.  Usually this means most of the country kind of shuts down for a day and a half. City streets are empty as many travel to the countryside to enjoy the height of summer.

I’ve been absent from this blog a lot. The truth is I haven’t had much to write about and have not felt the urge to force myself to write for a long time. Life has been happening and I’ve had many happy moments and fun times lately.

All thanks to friends and especially one friend – you know who you are – who manages to keep me smiling even when absent.

I haven’t much to add beyond this except to say how happy I am and how much I wish this feeling will not end.



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