Mother’s Day

Published 05/29/2011 by MoonieZ


This is the day and the time and the place to type something cute and clever and respectful in order to celebrate one’s origin – Mother or Mom. So, that’s what I’ll do.

Having had a father who made a career out of learning to fly in the Swedish Air Force and later learning to control air traffic, my mother has for me most of all been the manager of the home life.

Working – as she always did – kind of behind the scenes. Taking care of my father, my older brothers and later on me, as well as caring for  her own mother, her father, dad’s parents, her younger brother’s kids, her sister’s kids and lots of friends throughout the years.

I’ve often wondered how she coped with all the work. Sometimes I’ve heard her say that she didn’t but she has always managed anyway. Because that was the way it was supposed to be. End of story. Sort of.

My mother worked a lot of different jobs as a girl and young woman before marrying my father. She delivered mail, worked in the family bakery, planted trees, worked in a café and in a laundry. Then, after getting married, she only devoted her life to being a stay at home wife and mother until she was in her 50’s and friends told her should get out of the home and work for a salary  in order to get a bit more of a pension before reaching the age of retirement at 65. So she worked cleaning in office buildings for about 10 years. During those years I was at school and she worked part-time so she could be home when I came home from school.  After working outside the home she worked inside the home everyday. Not that she never got any help from my father or from me but she still was the one to keep the home in shape.

These days I can’t help to feel guilty when I think of how much work my mother has done and how much she still works now, at the respectable age of 87. Of course she gets more help now and there is not as many she has to care for besides herself but she still keeps busy and seems to want to keep busy even though she sometimes says she doesn’t. I guess it’s not easy to accept that old age is taking strength away and that things won’t be like they’ve always been.

Also I am of course grateful for all the things she’s done for me and all the things she’s taught me. And not to mention the excellent home cooking over the years. Being the daughter of baker she knows both how to bake and cook. Even if in the later years she doesn’t always have the motivation and energy to do much of either.

Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day but at least there’s one day of the year devoted to celebrating Mothers everywhere. Without my mother I wouldn’t be here.


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