Friday night

Published 05/28/2011 by MoonieZ

That was last night as a matter of fact. I got home early from the office and after a few hours I went back out to get some groceries in order to be able to cook dinner. Well, I used the old electric grill to grill some hamburgers out on the back porch. Even though it was raining. Another cold and cloudy day and night.

Spent the evening at the computer. Listened to music, looked at YouTube clips, tweeted and posted on Tumblr. Also looked at my MFC profile page and sometimes even had one eye on the cams streaming video.  Late in the evening around 11 pm I must have fallen asleep for a while because next time I looked at the time it was past midnight.

I usually go to sleep before midnight. Even before 11 pm most evenings but this evening was different. I was waiting for a friend to go online at an MFC chatroom after having been away for some time. However it turned out her internet went down so nothing came of it. I waited as long as I could while I still managed to stay awake but around 4 am I finally went to sleep and then slept about 4 hours, woke up and checked to see if I had missed anything. Turned out not a lot so I tried to fall asleep again but only for about two hours, then I got up and checked the sites again before breakfast and reading the morning paper.

As usual on Saturdays I would be taking my mother to the church to put fresh flowers on my father’s grave. But that would be in the afternoon.

Before that I had time to take care of some personal business and I won’t get further into the details of that right now because I’m going to return to the subject in an upcoming post. If I’m not too shy to write it.


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