This one is for You

Published 05/21/2011 by MoonieZ

Where to start. Not easy. Or perhaps its very easy.

It started almost immediately. The attraction was there instantly. At first glance it was perhaps superficial and purely physical but soon it turned into a deeper form. The curiosity, the urge to know more took over. What intrigued the most was all that could not be seen, all that was hidden and only partly visible above the surface. The soul and the mind. The history and all those minute details that taken together forms a person. Since then the quest is to add the pieces together and try to complete the picture. Probably this would take a lifetime or longer but it’s still an appealing project.

After almost a year a lot of pieces have been added and put together but the whole picture is still a mystery, still elusive, still incomplete. The challenge remains and continues. The will to understand is also there. The wish to really see and not imagine to see or let illusions cloud the vision.


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