Don’t think

Published 05/05/2011 by MoonieZ

It only gives you a headache.

Right. What was I thinking…I wasn’t thinking at all.

Ok, I’ve got nothing new to offer so this will be a short post.

Life goes on.

Not much to add to that statement. Except maybe this:

Life goes on – without me.  I’m still at the station watching the train leave.

Nothing new. I know. Also know that this doesn’t make any sense. Still I do it. One could ask why. One could wonder if I have lost my mind.

Maybe I have. Lost it a long time ago. Never missed it much.

These days of missing people have been very dull. I have no idea what to do with my time. Nobody is around anymore. Almost nobody.  I’m starting to worry if I’ve done something wrong. Whenever I have a chance I always blame myself even when I should know better.  Guess it boils down to the same old insecurity I’ve always felt.

I’m useless. That I have known a long time. Still I do try to make myself useful but I don’t often succeed. Sometimes I think I do, though. At those times I feel good, even great. Then I sit around and wonder where they went.  Into outer space I guess.

Ok. I’m done for today.

Will be back another day.



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