Last day of April 2011

Published 04/30/2011 by MoonieZ

Howdy, readers …

Yes I’m back again. On the last day of April 2011. Another day that will never come back again. Think about that for a minute. How many days have passed to never return that you really remember? How many of them did you make the most of ? I’m willing to bet not many of them. Maybe even none of them. But, it’s not too late. Never too late as long as there is life left in you.

I’m going to start a new project in my spare time. I’m going to write another novel. Yes. I’m going to stick my neck out once more and try to grab the world by its balls and twist them around until the world nods in affirmation: yes, yes, yes you are a writer, you are an author. You are a god of the literary universe. Now can you please let go of my balls… ?

I have no idea what this novel will be about but I know I’m going to dedicate enough time to find out. When I know and when I’ve got the work started I will let you know more. Anyway none of my friends need to fear ending up as characters in this novel. I am not that evil. However certain aspects of some personality here and there along with some other aspects of certain people might end up being thrown into the mix.

Even though I haven’t decided on genre yet this novel won’t be set in the future or the ancient past. It won’t be a thriller, crime story or fantasy. It won’t have strange worlds or strange creatures or wizards and no magic spells. It will deal with life as it actually is right here and now. That’s all I know.


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