Easter thoughts

Published 04/22/2011 by MoonieZ

So this is Easter…2011.

Thinking back to April 2008. That’s when I last had a real job. It had just started. I thought it would last. It didn’t. After 6 months it was over. Trying to find a new one after that has proved to be difficult. Hundreds of applications, phone calls, meetings and a few interviews later I am still without a job. My economy is ruined. I can only afford to stay alive and pay my rent. There’s no room for anything except very basic stuff. I am only a small step above rock bottom. A small step away from sleeping on the sidewalk. True, in Sweden there is a “safety net” or at least there used to be. The current government hasn’t made caring for the poor into a priority. Rather the opposite.

Anyway my idea was not to go off on a rant this Good Friday but I can’t help it sometimes. Had been reading about some political issues and so my post started where my thoughts happened to be.

The weather is great today. I have enjoyed my day off from the office. Will probably start to work on the writing project later on. If I can find the energy. There’s nothing I’d like more than to have that writing done so that I can start developing new ideas and move forward. There are projects I am eager to start working on but can’t as long as the writing isn’t done.

Sorry, I keep repeating myself. The idea was to write something new and interesting today but it seems it didn’t happen.

Anyway I don’t feel too depressed. I feel rather good about life. As it can’t get much worse and there are some things to be happy for. Some friends  too.

Happy Easter!


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