Tuesday typing

Published 04/19/2011 by MoonieZ


I had this insane idea I should type something here today. Weird, I know.  However, here I am and typing. Not sure about what but something is bound to come out of this random string of words. Always have, always will. So they say anyway. Who are they? I don’t know but they seem to say a lot about a lot a lot of the time. Indeed this is my first new post in a long time. Have been so busy doing a  lot of stuff lately so haven’t had time for blog updates. Been mostly updating at Twitter and Tumblr. I will try to better myself though but I make no promises. This blog has been around for a long time now. Next month it will  be 6 years since I started this blog over at Blogger.com. I will of course celebrate. Somehow.

What else is new. Spring has come. Weather is sunny and getting warmer. My allergy has started again. Not as bad as some years ago but I still have to use medication if I don’t want to be too bothered by sneezing and itching.

I managed to change the tires on the car all by myself. Almost. One tire had to be changed at the auto repair shop, but it didn’t cost me anything.

My  mother had a bad case of  the flu for the past week but now slowly getting her strength back.

At the office there are more new people starting. Things are really starting to happen. My writing project is almost done. I will be very happy when it is finished. Been wanting to finish it for a long time.

This would be all for now.

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