Weekly report post

Published 04/08/2011 by MoonieZ


This is my weekly report from the frontlines at the office.

Been a busy week. Interesting and fun. I have worked on my writing project and made progress but not fast enough for my liking. After having spent such a long time not being able to finish it, I really want to get it done this time. And soon.

However, I just have to keep working and it will get done eventually. Patience is running out though.  Because when that writing project is all done I have a few new projects lined up that I am very eager to start working on. Those projects are very interesting and I am sure I will be able to develop them into some really good results.

All in all I enjoy being at the office. There are so many nice people  and there are more people starting each week . After years of dealing with unemployment and other problems mostly on my own finally there are some good things happening in my life. I see a way that might lead me out of this miserable position I’ve been in for too long.


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