Monday at “work”

Published 03/07/2011 by MoonieZ

First Monday at “work”. Turned out to be a nice productive day at the office.   Got further ahead on my project and had some interesting conversations. Seems I am also turning into a coffe drinker. Had another cup today and it was rather good.

The office looks really nice with a simple black and white color scheme.  There are not so many people there yet but there will be. I am glad to be starting out and having some input.

Three people are running the company and they are all very nice and really interested in creating a good work environment for everyone. I’ve gotten a lot of support for my project which makes it even easier to get up and running. Would have been harder to find the energy and motivation by myself.

I’ve felt better than I thought I would but I won’t feel really good before I can stop worrying about some things. I know I shouldn’t but I still do worry.  However I will probably feel silly for doing it but so be it.

Soon time to sleep again so this little post will end with a little picture. Just to remind myself that You are always on my mind for a number of reasons.


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