Published 02/16/2011 by MoonieZ

I’ve been lazy to write anything new here for a while. Instead I have posted some pictures I’ve found at various places. Why post them? Because I like the messages in them a lot and because I think my blog needs some images here and there to break up all the long blocks of text. Do have a text I’m working on at the moment and I will post it when it’s ready.

What else is new? My mother is well again. Had some kind of flu but it turned out to not be too bad. I’ve had a little longer sleep than usual tonight so this morning I am feeling rested. Ready to take on the world again.

Spent the most of yesterday’s morning and day in a chatroom for some great Valentine’s Day fun and games. Was a very nice time that I enjoyed a lot. Later in the day I had dinner before I started writing some job applications while also reading some tweets and thinking of what to do later in evening. Had to go out to shovel away some snow instead of watching TV and decided to also get the car ready. Went to the local grocery store, picked up some food items and some  Ben & Jerry’s icecream. Had a sudden need for some strawberry flavor (wonder where that came from).

At home I thought about watching a movie while having my icecream  but ended up at MFC and on Twitter instead. Strange how things never turn out the way I plan them ahead of time. Started to feel really sleepy around midnight and decided to get some sleep. Went to bed. Slept until almost 6 am. Got up in a hurry and went back to computer thinking I’d missed something or somebody important. Looked like it wasn’t the case so I read some tweets, email and other stuff before going for breakfast. Then I sat down to plan the rest of my day.

Now I have little more to add to this so I’ll be ending it here.



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