Sunday confession

Published 02/13/2011 by MoonieZ

My apologies, dear readers.

You have not found this blog to be at its usual standard lately. I know that you expect a lot more from me. However, I’ve had so much to do and not enough sleep that I haven’t had enough time to write posts in order to meet my resolution to post at least once every day.  I am only just able to make it now. It’s a lot harder than I thought to do it. Even if  I am not depending on inspiration to write its hard to come up with a text sometimes.

Often enough it turns out like this one. I’ve used a lot of words as you have probably noticed, but have I really said anything at all ?  Thought so.  This means I have to work harder at it. Otherwise I might not keep my readers interested at all.  Without readers, what would I be? Navel lint.

Early on a Sunday morning like this, its quiet and calm in the home and outside as well. A silent darkness and a faint glow from the snow outside.  A good time to do some writing, so that’s what I’m doing.  Only source of light in the room is the computer screen. Listening to Robbie Robertson singing Night Parade while I’m writing.  That song is 20 years old now. At least. How fast time goes by.

I remember bringing it with me on a tape when I went to New Orleans in January 1992. Was a very cold week I spent there. The hotel room was freezing cold most of the time. The TV hardly worked at all and across the street there was a housing project. Om the sidewalks there were often  groups of teens walking by. Some I could see were armed with pistols. I was often scared to walk to and from my hotel to the center of the French Quarter. Always feared to be robbed or worse but I was lucky. Nothing happened. However it was an odd sight to see snow in the streets some mornings. Even if it melted away very quickly.  Ok, I’m digressing but sometimes the memories just come back in force.

Today I have not got a lot planned. My mother is still no well so I have to take care of her. Also have some chores to do if I find the energy to start. Otherwise I guess I will be in some chatroom, looking at videos on YouTube and tweeting a bit. Maybe write another post.

Edit: Seems I won’t be in some chatroom. At least not today.  So I guess I will be doing something else.


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