Snowy Friday

Published 02/11/2011 by MoonieZ

In a weak moment I thought this post would be about the snowstorm today, but now that I’m almost falling over from lack of sleep I’ve decided to cancel that idea. So this will be a very short post for now.

Slept a bit before going on with this.

My Friday started around 4 am. Was up watching snow falling and some sites on the Internet.  Later on I went out to dig out the car and shovel snow away from the driveway in order to be ready  to go to the usual meeting at the (Un)Employment Agency.

To drive there in the weather we had yesterday morning was an adventure but more like a thriller or a horror film. Very deep snow on most of the roads. Very little traffic. Strong wind. Very hard to see very far ahead. Ice under the snow on the road. Winter tyres almost not enough to keep a grip on the road without skipping. Passed cars  that had gone off the road and out in the snow by the side. Was glad to make it to a parking garage. From there I had to walk through the storm to get to my destination. Needless to say I was late to get there but so were others aswell. Some didn’t show up at all. The buses were not running at all and commuter trains only ran sporadically.

The meeting didn’t offer much in the way of news and was soon over. I walked back through the storm to get to the car. Was almost blown away by the strong winds. Got in the car after having stopped to by a soft drink and some other things. Also mailed an application for a job.

The drive back was the same thrilling adventure. I was lucky to make it home at all. Very deep snow on most roads made driving difficult but I was able to maneuver without any accidents. When I was finally parked outside my home I felt like I had escaped death.  Then I got out to shovel more snow that had fallen while I was away.

Later in the day I learned that my mother has probably caught the flu so I had to help her out. Make her some dinner and other things.

The evening I spent at some sites online, tweeting and listening to music. Around 10pm I got so tired and sleepy I decided to find some sleep before getting up again at 1am.

What I’ll do for the rest of the night I’m not sure of yet but I hope there will be some fun involved.


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