Thursday @ 4:37 am

Published 02/10/2011 by MoonieZ

Hello… Or good morning.

I’m not really awake yet. Sitting here in semi-darkness by the glow of the monitor’s screen trying to come up with that normal level of excellence my writing should have.  Not getting there. Ideas are not coming forward to report for duty. Thoughts are a turmoil and don’t get me started about what the emotions are up to at this very moment.  They’re holding my soul hostage with their passions. Could most likely break down and cry for a bit.

Sometimes I do feel very small and lonely. Right now is one of those times. There’s so much I wish that has never come true and so much I’ve feared that has, that I no longer dare to speak my wishes or my fears. Much less put them into writing. Instead I protect my wishes the best I can by keeping them close to my bruised old heart, hoping reality will not stomp in and crush them until they are strong enough to be able to come true.

I wear my scars like medals.


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