Saturday again

Published 02/05/2011 by MoonieZ

Kind of empty brain right now. Have just poured a lot of thought and feeling into something and have no energy left to try to make this post a good one. However I will try. If not for the better of humanity so at least for the better of me and my sanity.

Let’s see. Started my day at around 4 am this morning. Spent many hours in a very nice and fun chatroom of a online friend. Had a lot of fun as usual but had to leave due to guests showing up at the door. Or rather one guest – my uncle. But anyway the rest of my day progressed rather effortlessly in a haze of unrealness.

Me driving my mother to the church for the lighting of a candle at my father’s grave. Then driving her to do some grocery shopping. Back at home for dinner with my mother. The menu: grilled chicken, tomatoes, baked beans and a glass of water. Also one half avocado.  Not too bad actually.

Later in the evening back to writing. Checking email, twitter and chatrooms. Looking at pictures. Trying to work on a profile at Not getting very far. Thinking too much about past events. Playing some music. Not sure what to do but knowing that something has to be done.  Almost falling asleep at times.  Remembering to write this post. Looking forward to a nap and later some chat in the same room as above. Some fun.

Not having more to add, this is as good as it gets today, folks !


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