In a hurry

Published 02/03/2011 by MoonieZ

That’s me. Late to write this. Got less than one hour to do it. As usual no idea what to write.  Been some exciting days and nights though, so there should be a lot to write about if I just could decide where to start.

However I think I will go in another direction.  Been thinking about a lot of things lately. How life takes its turns and twists along the track of time and always manages to surprise you when you think you’ve got it all figured out, all under control. Not so. Fate is not about to be controlled or figured out and there’s no reason it should. What fun would that be?

Imagine life planned out and scheduled in every detail from start to finish. Sound like fun? Don’t sound like too much to me. No surprises, no sudden changes, no odd moments, no derailing and no … life.

Lately things have happened I never imagined less than a year ago. Unexpected and fantabulous moments of generosity. Days and nights of  fun and games, good company of a kind I thought were a thing of the past that I would not experience again.

Changes in my life as unemployed that have potential to open a new road towards a better future arriving at a moment when I’m ready to give up all hope.

Last but not least – new friends appearing providing a fresh boost of energy and strength right when its most needed.

Then there’s You of course. What am I going to write about You that won’t sound like a cliché? Nothing original enough comes to mind right now but at least You know who you are. Or so I hope.  Then you probably know why I mention You. Or so I hope.

Were I the religious type, I’d be talking about miracles but since I’m a little more down to earth I speak of fate instead.  Might seem like a contradiction to state that fate is not controlled when it is defined as an inevitable course of events but I define the form of destiny that fate represents as the individual plan that might or might not lead a certain way depending on if we try to control it or just go with the flow.  I might be wrong but I picked up my theory about fate from my father and not from any scholars.  Which is why I stick to it even if it seems strange and illogical to the rest of the world.

Should I add something more to this? Probably, but I need to get some sleep in before I get up again. Have a meeting tomorrow at 10 am that I have to be at so going without sleep is not an option at this point.



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