Published 02/02/2011 by MoonieZ

Thinking of someone today. Someone I used to see and talk to almost every day for many years. Someone who used to be very close even while always being very far away. Someone who taught me more about life and social interaction than all my life had taught me up to the point when we first met.

A late night in the fall almost 10 years ago. Empty chatroom. Bored and alone looking for someone to talk to, I was. She worked as a webcam model. Used to be a dancer. Had to stop due to injury. Switched to webcam chat. All that I found out later. That first night I only remember a lot of talking but not much of what was said. Must have made an impression on me because I returned the next night.  More talking. Lots of talking. Sharing of experiences. Stories from the past. Growing up, going to school. Family and friends. Life in general. Everything poured out and a friendship was forged. Stronger than the rest. Didn’t know that then, it would survive a lot of agony and sorrow. Would also experience fantastic highs of happiness and joy. Laughter and smiles, anger and tears. Everything. Would eventually almost die due to my failures but somehow survive and revive itself. At least partially. Still holds. Nothing has been able to break the bond. Probably nothing will. Although increasing problems for both of us have caused the communication  to almost cease in recent months.

That’s why I send you a thought tonight. And a wish for better days ahead for both of us. I wish to be able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of  our online friendship. I think it deserves to be celebrated  once more. At least.


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