Words from the insomniac

Published 01/29/2011 by MoonieZ

Yes. That’d be me. Haven’t slept much since Friday morning. Starting to wonder if I’m sleepwalking. Things seem to have taken on a dream-like quality. Perhaps that is why I had this urge to search for Roy Orbison‘s songs and let myself drift away in some dreams of a better tomorrow and of a more perfect world?

Anyway, just like the guy in the song I awake and find the real world a lot different from any dream I might indulge in even while wide awake.  Not being the type of person to rush in like a fool but instead keep both feet on the ground at all times, I can’t help to sometimes take off into dreams and let myself fly around among the clouds. How else to cope with the reality of things? There’s so much I can do nothing about. So many things I can’t change. Dreaming helps to let off some steam sometimes. Then, of course; I have to face the reality of everything and deal with it without making any assumptions or misunderstandings. Often enough I manage to do that. I have no other options. Except the safety-vent of my dreams.

If this made any kind of sense, I’m happy. Because reading it now before publishing I’m not sure I grasp the meaning. However the answers will come to me. Probably in my dreams.


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