“Soul Driver”

Published 01/26/2011 by MoonieZ

Bruce SpringsteenSoul Driver

A track from the album Human Touch. One of the better songs on that album.  The early 1990’s was the time when I sort of stopped being a Springsteen fan of the fanatical kind. I was disappointed by the direction his music took and by his decision to stop working with The E Street Band. Most of the music he released were not to my liking.  However I never doubted he would rise again and he did but it took most of the 1990’s before it happened.


One comment on ““Soul Driver”

  • I am interested in the process of the development of his career, and the different turns it took during the nearly forty years it has kept going. Maybe it is inevitable that some decisions brought better results than others. But I respect him for always looking to find wat HE feels he must do, not necessarily what other people (or fans) think he must. In this way he kept growing and exploring, instead of just trying to copy the commercial success of BTR and Born in the USA. It seems to me his goal has always been to grow as a musician, not just to produce hits or make money. As he says on The Promise documentary: “More than being rich or famous, we wanted to be great.”
    Certainly the music on Human Touch and Lucky Time does not fit the same slot as his earlier work with the ESB. But I try to enjoy it for what it is.

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