Guess it’s Monday again

Published 01/24/2011 by MoonieZ


Monday evening. Time is 10:32 pm. Or as we Europeans like to write it: 22:32.  Today was a mild sunny day. Temperature did rise above zero degrees which made it easy to free the car of snow and ice. For once. There’s nothing I dislike more than having to scrape frost from car windows on a freezing cold day.

Today I did some paperwork, made some phone calls related to job search, set an appointment and sent some emails out. If things work out right I will have a place of “work” soon that might actually be good for me to use as a way to work out a better future. Will report more about this when I have a result from this week’s efforts. Looks promising so far at least.

Did have a bit of a bad Sunday night. Was too tired from lack of sleep to really be of any use to anyone including myself. My brain did not wish to cooperate with me so I was  not communicating very well but at least I knew when to quit. At least I hope I did. After sleeping for about 5 hours I woke up this morning ready to get things done and I did manage to do most of it. Did also have time to drive my mother to a meeting and help her with some grocery shopping afterwards.

Had a very simple dinner. Sausage, potatoes, mustard. Nothing fancy but good enough on a Monday.

After dinner and washing some dishes I returned to my computer to continue with some work while also reading some news headlines at an online newspaper. Then I started read the tweets from my Twitter page, and reading back to see what had happened during the day while I was away. Checked MFC to see what was going on and then went to check the visitor stats at my blog. Always nice to find out which post is most visited each day. When done with that I checked in at the online forum to read some of the latest posts.  In the middle of all this I remembered I had some writing to do. Started with that but still not done. For once I would like to not find it so difficult to write an application for a job. Perhaps one day I will learn how to do that.

Soon midnight. This Monday will be done. Tuesday begins. Got a lot to do for Tuesday. Hope it will all get me closer to the better tomorrow I still wish for. If  I don’t give up I guess I will reach it. Or be a major fail.




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