Published 01/23/2011 by MoonieZ


I’m sorry you have to read this.

Woke up at around 11 am today after a long night where I did not go to sleep until 6 am. The night was fun though and very entertaining. Absolute highlight of the night was an amazingly beautiful black light show. It was a perfect blend of setting, darkness, light, movement and music that was completely breathtaking. Very happy to have had the pleasure of  watching it.

My Sunday has been lazy. I have only been out for a short walk to get some air. The rest of the day I have spent watching sports on TV, reading online, looking at twitter tweets and done some posting at a forum. Also been thinking about what to do tomorrow. I will have a busy Monday so I need to make a plan for when to do everything.

Still trying to make it work, this idea of posting every day of the year. This weekend I’ve had trouble finding anything at all to write about. My posts are below the usual standard. Don’t know why but perhaps I’m too tired and have got too much to think about to be able to relax enough. That, or I’m just trying too hard as usual.

I hope to be back at my usual standard during the coming week though.


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