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Published 01/22/2011 by MoonieZ

Another day gone by.

Having to write something with only 30 minutes to do it. Or else I’ll break my resolution to post at least once every day of this year.  I find it hard to keep coming up with interesting things to write. There’s not a lot happening in my life. Well not much out of the ordinary. If I only write about my daily routine this blog will become boring very fast and I can start to copy-paste the same post over and over for each new day. I’m starting to become somewhat active at a new online forum. That’s something new. Have missed being at a forum reading and answering to posts. The one I’m at now seems like fun so I’ll stick around and see what develops.

What else is new ? Nothing much. Been at the church  with my mother to light a candle for my father. Then did some grocery shopping. Came home, had dinner in the afternoon. Fried fish, potatoes, veggies. Rather good to have fish instead of meat for a change.

The late afternoon and evening I have spent watching sports (Swedish team won!) reading twitter tweets, tweet some myself, read forum posts and looking at MFC while thinking about doing something more important but not finding the proper motivation.  How unusual….not.  Anyway, it’s Saturday and I think I am allowed some time off from the usual chores.

Soon midnight and it’ll be Sunday. I’ll probably be awake a while yet. Have some chatroom to go to. Had a lot of fun last night/early morning while in chat. If it weren’t for online friends and fun I don’t know what I’d do for fun. Of course I can always read or something but that’s not the same. Starting to repeat myself a little. Probably best to end this rather dull post here.

Hope I’ll be able to write something better tomorrow.


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