Friday evening

Published 01/21/2011 by MoonieZ


Another Friday. Another week almost gone. Another weekend started.
What does it all mean? Not much probably. Time passes. Like always.

Today I had a meeting. Was nothing new or special. Didn’t make me a better person. Didn’t take me one step closer to something new or different. In fact, this meeting didn’t mean anything at all. So, let’s forget about it.

The rest of the day has been normal. Like any other day. Been reading, writing, thinking and trying to keep my good mood. Listening to music helps. Finding something funny to watch helps too. Having friends around also helps. Some good food is also a way to feel better. Taking the car out for a drive is also a help to keep smiling.

I’ve got some ideas about how to turn the current situation to my advantage and I will be working on those ideas next week. If I’m lucky they will help me have a better future coming up. Somehow I think it’s time I use my creative skills to see if they’re good enough to make a living from and not only used to entertain myself with. Maybe, just maybe there’s a way to do it now. I’m surely going to try.

So, moving on. Have no Friday evening plans as I have no money for going out. I should of course be out and about anyway but going out on the town have not often been my thing. I prefer a good movie or a concert for a night out. Otherwise I might aswell stay at home. And home is where I’m at. Every day and every night. Boring? Yes.

Never claimed to lead an exciting life. The most excitement I have is what goes on in my dreams. Daydreams, nightdreams. Same, same. At least having a vivid imagination  makes it easy to be entertained even when being all alone.

Not sure if I have a point with this post. Seems I’m only writing whatever I think of next without any coherence. So be it. Sometimes I like to go back and read these rambles a few years later just to discover that they indeed make some sense after all. Just takes time to catch up with the sense of it. Sort of.

Anyway, I think I’ve bored you all enough for a Friday evening. Time to end this.


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