Here I am again

Published 01/20/2011 by MoonieZ

As usual have no idea what to write. Just know I have to write something.

My day? Pretty ok. Woke up feeling slightly off but as the day went on things started to fall into place and my mood changed for the better. Clearly, I worry too much. I apologize to all friends affected by my worries. I’ll try to better myself. Become more calm and confident. Ok ?

Listening to Dire Straits as I write this. Brings back some memories of times long gone. When life  was simple. You woke up, you went to school, you were in school, you went home, you did homework, you had dinner, you wrote or listened to music or both, you watched TV and you went to sleep. Next day the same as the one before.  I do miss those days sometimes. Nothing to worry about. If something wasn’t good it could only get better later on. You had things to look forward to. Dreams could still come true. Miracles could happen. Things could go your way eventually. The sky was the limit. Then I graduated and started working… Well, I’ve told the story on here already.

Not much of a dinner today. Money is tight and I need to save for later adventures. Some potatoes and meatballs heated by the microwave. Nothing to write home about. Still it was food. That’s all I need.

Tomorrow morning I have another meeting. Next week or a little later will probably see me start to “work” during daytime in order to keep my unemployment benefit from the government. So I’ll be doing “work” for free at a place of work while the “employer” gets paid for having me there. 8 hours per day, five days a week. Then when I get home from “work” I am required to look for regular – real – employment. So I will have very long work hours if I add this together. I will be spending less time at this blog, less time at chatrooms and less time at Twitter. In the long run having a place to go to, something to do, and a regular schedule is probably a good thing but it will take some adjustment to get used to it. I wouldn’t mind if the days were to be spent looking for work because that’s pretty much what I’ve done in the past up until now. Instead I’m supposed to handle the job search in my “spare” time. Well I’m sure it will work itself out somehow. Sooner or later I will find a job again. I just know I will.

Or I’ll win the lottery. Whatever comes first…



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