Tuesday evening in January

Published 01/18/2011 by MoonieZ

Great. What to write today. I already posted something today so I don’t need to post this now but after a rather eventless day I feel like sharing some thoughts with you all.  Woke up late. Hadn’t slept very well as I went to sleep feeling a bit worried about some stuff but eventually I fell asleep after listening to music through my phone. Great to have music playing while trying to sleep. Only problem sometimes I fall asleep without turning the music off so when I wake up I’m still wearing the earphones and the battery in the phone is almost always almost empty. Small problem but nevertheless annoying if I have made a plan to bring the phone with me in the morning. Luckily that isn’t always the plan.

This morning I needed to go to the bank, or at least to an ATM, so I did. Was a nice drive, very little traffic. Stopped for some groceries before returning home to do the writing I hadn’t done all day yesterday. In the early evening I had it done. Almost. Some I have to do first thing tomorrow.

Lunch and dinner today was nothing special. Some leftover food and some sandwiches. Some days I really don’t eat very well at all. Should, though.

Spent the evening reading tweets and tweeting some random and some to friends. Looked at MFC off and on. Looked at a movie I hadn’t seen in a while: Bo Widerberg‘s Mannen från Mallorca. Watched sports on TV (Swedish team lost…) and performed some maintenance on my blog. Also searched for some music clips on YouTube. Now at 7 minutes to midnight I’m thinking I ought to sleep but I probably will be awake a few hours yet.


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