Published 01/16/2011 by MoonieZ


It does. Being poor is not much fun. Even less fun because I can only blame myself for being poor. So what I can do is to make the best of a bad situation and also do what I can to change it. Somehow, somewhere in the future I hope I will have changed it.

Before I reach that goal I have to go on living and deal with my poverty. So, I think of things to do that won’t cost me an arm and a leg to do but will still be worth something – and worth doing.

Money isn’t everything….at least that’s what I used to think while I still had enough to make a decent living. Now I’d be more than happy to trip over a bag of money while walking along the sidewalk. However those things rarely happen in real life. Only in dreams, fairy tales or Hollywood movies. So, I will not focus on that or waste any energy on it. I will move on. There are other things in life. Lots of other things. At least there should be. Somewhere. The trick is to find those things. I guess.


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