Published 01/13/2011 by MoonieZ


Readers, I’ve slept. What a confession to make. Who doesn’t sleep? Everybody sleeps. What makes my sleep so special. Nothing, I guess. Just some hours of regular old sleep. Didn’t even dream. At least I don’t remember dreaming. What I do remember is going to bed smiling. In my book that’s good. I don’t always smile before going to sleep. Sometimes I don’t even fall asleep no matter what I try. Those nights are not fun. Sometimes not being asleep can be fun of course but not when being all alone, tired and only wishing to close eyes and drift away to sleep and not being able to.

I got some fresh air today. Got some fresh air last night to, when I went out driving to buy some milk and stuff.

Today I started my day shoveling snow away, getting the morning paper and going back in to have breakfast (at lunch time). After that I talked to my brother, the chef, on the phone. Wrote some tweets, waited for the mail. Went out and got the mail. Started to look at some papers for tomorrows early meeting at the (Un)Employment agency. Read some job ads, got some to apply for and started to write those. Not getting very far because of the problem of not knowing what words to use to describe my strengths as good as possible. I’m not very good at promoting myself. Often I am happy to let my work speak for itself but these days you have to be skilled in personal promotion to get anywhere at all it seems. Those who are socially handicapped like myself have a to struggle a lot harder in order to compete with the socially competent for the jobs that are available. Many times I’ve been thinking about giving up but then I always pick myself up and give it another try, thinking that someday I’ll get lucky too.

Also been hanging around at MFC off and on during the afternoon. Not always there as much as just logged in. It’s become a habit to always keep that site open in a window on my desktop even if I’m away doing other things. There are two more sites I always keep open when I’m online: this blog and my Twitter homepage.

Had some soup for dinner.  After dinner my uncle visited. Had some coffee, talked a bit. Later on I returned to my writing, sent some tweets, got some back from friends.

Now I’m writing this blog post. Not one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever published but I feel I had to write something more than a few words because yesterdays post was so short and empty.

Below I posted a video from YouTube that I found out about thanks to a tweet I got today.

Tomorrow I have to get up early for a meeting so I’ll  probably go to sleep very early tonight. Or I might not wake up in time.  I believe this is all I have to report for today.


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