Tuesday thinking

Published 01/11/2011 by MoonieZ


I would like to sincerely apologize for yesterday’s post. Not because it was long or because it actually ended before the conclusion of the story it was supposed to tell but because you, dear readers, might find it rather boring to once again have to read through one of my strolls down Memory Lane.  The reason I did it is simple enough: I suddenly had some inspiration and the words simply poured out of me without effort. Inspired moments like the one yesterday does not often occur and I’ve written a post a long time ago about the danger of trying to rely on inspiration to get things done as a writer.

What it takes is not the often fruitless search for some sort of outburst of divine inspiration but instead a daily effort to write no matter what the result might turn out to be. No matter if the result is of poor quality. Keeping up the writing is the only way to be able to eventually produce something worth keeping. This I have learned the hard way. For many years my writing was based on inspiration and the only result of that was that I produced very little of lasting value. Most of what I wrote in those days I threw out and often I stopped after one bad start thinking the inspiration I needed was no longer there.  Days could go by without any writing at all while I waited for the inspiration to return. One day, or one night, not sure which, I didn’t stop at one of those moments of expired inspiration. Instead I started over once more and continued to write even though my inner voice yelled : “this is crap!” Since then I’ve learned that I will probably produce mostly crappy writing but here and there I will also create some gems that will make the effort worthwhile. If only I could apply this upon other aspects of my existence.

Funny, I think I have just repeated something I posted before. Everything strikes me as strangely familiar when I read it through. Well, I guess this version might be a bit better so I’ll let it be today’s post since I’ve only got an hour to deadline for today.

The end of yesterday’s story will have to wait. Not for inspiration but for me to feel like writing about the old times again. Sometimes I need to focus on what’s going on right now a bit more or I might miss out on things. There’s a reason the past is behind you and not in front: so that it won’t block the view towards the future.


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