10 years at cam sites

Published 01/08/2011 by MoonieZ

Well not exactly 10 years yet. Some day in June or July 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of my webcam sites member adventures but since I no longer remember the exact date  I first joined a chat room at a webcam site I might as well celebrate it right now.

10 years later. What have I learned ?  First of all the technology has improved. Might not believe me if you only recently joined a site like MFC and experience bugs and crashes and such, but the “problems” at MFC are nothing compared to what I’ve seen over the years at sites not even a fraction as huge as MFC. Most of those sites are probably gone today and those that remain have changed names, management and most importantly models working so many times I doubt anyone there still remember the old member MoonieZ.

However there were always things going wrong: site servers going down, cams that wouldn’t load, chats that wouldn’t load and numerous other things. What I remember most though is connecting through dial-up and paying a per minute internet fee on top of the cost of  entering the chat and viewing the cams. That was slow and expensive. Not to mention unreliable. After switching to ADSL connection things improved a lot.

The streaming video windows were small and the image often fuzzy in the early days. Lighting was not always good and sound did not always work. In fact,  streaming audio was a late addition to most cam sites. Some were very late to add it and some only had it during private chat sessions.

What hasn’t changed is the way most members and guests interact with the models on cam. There are many who manage to be “normal” and polite but there has also always been a huge crowd who seem to have only one goal – to spoil everyone elses fun using any and all methods available. At the sites I used to be at models didn’t always have banning options or even mute options. The only thing they could do when the crowd in the room was getting out of control was to alert a site admin or simply shut the cam down and/or log off in order to clear the room of the spoilers and beggars. I’ve heard the open chat room at a few sites refered to as “the jungle” by more than one model over the years.

Then there is the member category who seem to forget that the person on cam is a real living breathing human being and not a robot or an animated image. I’ve seen a few of those over the years as well and always wondered if they treat every person they meet in their daily life as disrespectful as they treated  the models in the chat rooms.

After all of these negative aspects one might ask why keep going to these sites ? Easy. For the fun, the good times, the laughs, the company and last but not least the friends I’ve made. I’ve made good friends among both models and members over the years. Some I’ve kept in touch with for a long time while others faded away more quickly.

Getting to know the models as persons/real people and not only as “models” has been great. Some I’ve chatted with I never really got to know but some I’ve become very close friends with and shared a lot of my own life with as well as listening to their whole life stories. Very interesting and a most educational experience.

Also learning  some inside information about what its like to work in the cam business and how the sites are managed have been interesting and part of why I’ve returned to these sites.


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