Published 01/07/2011 by MoonieZ

No I have no new ideas. No old ones either.  I’m out of ideas. Have been thinking long and hard about what to write today but nothing much comes to mind.

Had a visit by one of my cousins and her husband. Didn’t know they were coming but it was nice to have some food, some coffee and some small talk. Did have to start the day by shoveling snow but today it had started to melt a little so it was very heavy to move it. Need to do some cleaning indoors also but seem to lack the energy to get started. Did apply for another job though.

Also starting to feel tired from not sleeping enough. Have some friends to chat with online but most of them are located in the USA so in order to see them I often have to stay awake very late at night. But I can’t sleep all day if I want to get things done here so I sleep very little most nights and it is wearing me out. I wish I didn’t live on another continent.  Only way to solve this is for me to go to sleep earlier, which means I’ll see less of my friends and miss out on some things.  Was easier before when I had only European friends online. However only one true friend remains of those and she is currently not able to be online much due to personal reasons.

Been at twitter during the evening to catch up on what’s going on and to update my own status. Thought about watching a movie but can’t decide which one to see. Also thinking about selling almost all movies that still remain in my collection. At the same time I’m sure I will miss not being able to watch some of them if I sell them but there’s always Voddler to help with that or some other online movie rental service.

Today is Friday so I should have some fun but not easy to know how to have fun when I’m all alone and broke. Could go driving but what’s the point. Too late to do now anyway. Maybe tomorrow. I’m hoping I’ll see some friends tonight, that might cheer me up.


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