First Monday of 2011

Published 01/04/2011 by MoonieZ

Hello. I’m back again. Been a little busy on this first Monday of the new year. Doing stuff that needed doing. Then had just enough time to get ready for my brother’s birthday party.

Went over there by car because our mother didn’t feel like taking the commuter train. I don’t like to drive in the city though. Always something going wrong there. Or I manage to get lost and having to drive for too long to before being able to turn around and find my way back. Having my elderly mother pointing out my faults does not exactly help the situation but I guess it is the way it is. I’ll find out what it’s like one day too. At least that’s what my mother keeps telling me whenever I ask her to stop distracting me while I’m driving. So, what I learned from this is that I am probably a useless driver but somehow I got it right in the end.

After that little road trip adventure we arrived at my brother’s place and then the other guests started to arrive. Soon the flat was more crowded than the subway at rush hour and the noise level was a lot higher than on the subway. As everyone knows nobody talks to their fellow passengers  in a Swedish subway car. Only if you are drunk or crazy or perhaps a foreign tourist are you allowed to talk but don’t expect the passenger next to you to answer. A Swede only reluctantly talks to strangers on the subway. Some don’t even talk to people they know. However everybody seems to like to share their mobile phone conversations with the whole car.

The food and drinks were nice. However,  I am too tired to look up the correct English term for every food item.  I’ll just mention that vegetables, bread and meat were among the ingredients in the food that was served.My brother

All in all it was a fun evening. Except I didn’t have much of chance to talk to my brother because he was very busy with cooking and serving the food and other stuff. At the end of the evening though there was time to talk for a while before getting ready for the drive home.


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