The day after…

Published 12/25/2010 by MoonieZ

Hello….Have you all survived Christmas ? I did. I have. Been eating a lot. Had a good time. Feel very relaxed and spend my time watching TV and reading  the book I got from my brother for Christmas. The weather yesterday felt colder than it actually was due to strong winds. Was only out for a short time to go light a candle at my father’s grave. Rest of the day spent indoors with my mother and my brother  and family. Lots of good food. Always the best about Christmas to have all the food and to have time to have a really long dinner. Time to talk as well. Later in the evening I spent some time sending out Christmas greetings to online friends and received some greetings too.  Slept well and woke up late. Have had another relaxed day. My nephew visited for a while. Spending the rest of the time reading and watching TV and catching up on what’s going on online. Tomorrow I might go out but I only if the weather is not too bad.


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