Published 12/23/2010 by MoonieZ

Cold weather. Lots of snow. Feels like Winter. Been having car trouble but solved them. The locks were frozen. Luckily I was able to fix it. Don’t know for how long though when it’s below -20 Celsius at night. Anyway nothing else to do because can’t change the weather.Snow outside

One more day and then it’ll be Christmas eve. I haven’t been a good boy so I will not get any Christmas presents. Santa has me on his banned list. Of that I’m pretty sure but no hard feelings I still like Santa Claus, at least when I watch the Disney special on Christmas eve. This show has been broadcast every year since the early 1960’s or maybe even longer than that on Swedish Public Television. These days I think there are mostly adults of all ages watching because kids have the Disney Channel broadcasting every day of the year lately. For the kids of today cartoons on Christmas is nothing special but it used to be a very big deal for their parents and grandparents even. Back in the days of my growing up there were hardly any cartoons at all on TV so the Disney Christmas special was something to look forward to the whole year. Now it’s a tradition over here. No Christmas without Donald Duck on TV…. So after eating the traditional Christmas food, we gather round the TV set and watch Disney cartoons before Santa’s arrival to deliver the presents.

Anyway there’s not much going on except writing and sending job applications and waiting for a reply. And of course shovelling snow away as fast as possible but having nowhere to put it.

Ending now because I should get some sleep. Got a lot to do tomorrow so that Christmas can begin.


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