In the midnight hour

Published 12/17/2010 by MoonieZ

Yes this is being written exactly at midnight. Been through a rough day with lots of snow. Didn’t sleep a lot last night. Was awake until 5 in the morning because a friend was on chat for the first time in a long time and I wanted to visit. Was nice but I could have been a lot more talkative. However, recently I seem to have lost most of my easygoing ways of talking in chatrooms. I’ve become almost mute. Not really sure why but I guess it boils down to my lack of confidence as usual. Always too afraid to say too much I tend to say nothing at all. Sometimes it might be better to be quiet but most times it is probably best to speak my mind instead. Well anyway I fell asleep late and didn’t go to bed with a good feeling, rather the opposite. Woke up to a snowstorm – more or less – and had to spend a lot of time shoveling snow and getting the car ready in order to be able to drive to one of the unemployment agency gatherings I have to attend in order to have money to survive. Driving was a bit of an adventure but in the end it was ok.  The meeting was nothing new. Another exercise in positive thinking – of which I’ve had many before and I suppose there’ll be more to come.  Came home in time to shovel more snow, had a shower afterwards and then had some food and watched a movie. Checked email, Twitter and Facebook and later thought about posting on the blog. After this I’ll go to bed. Have another meeting early tomorrow. Also have another job application to finish and send. Then I guess it’ll be weekend which will be nice. At least I hope so.

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