Published 12/14/2010 by MoonieZ

I should be so busy right now. Cleaning, washing, decorating, cooking, shopping. Getting ready for Christmas. Writing Christmas cards. But I haven’t even started yet. Who knows I might not even bother to start or to get anything done. The fact is I don’t plan to do much shopping because I have no money anyway. So there’ll be no Christmas presents. Very little of the traditional foods. No Christmas tree. However I will of course clean and wash and tidy up around my home. Also have a few decorations to dust off. I think there’ll be Christmas anyway. As long as there are people around and some company to be had. This year I have worked on getting the stress out of my life because it only caused me to feel ill, depressed and sad. Now I avoid stress at all times.  If I’m late to the bus I catch the next one, I don’t run like a maniac to catch the first one. No need for that kind of stress to save a few minutes. And “save” is not really true. Time is never saved because it never stops. You can’t suddenly stop time  and say I think I’m going to use that saved time now and then go back to where you were before. So if time can’t be saved then it means time also can’t be wasted. Time is always running away from us. That’s how it is and always will be. For many years I believed I had wasted my life away. Not so anymore. I have lived my life. The years that have passed is the life I lived – no more no less. Sure I can always wish I had done that instead of this, or not done this instead of that but the fact remains the life I have lived is the life I have lived. So instead of  looking back and feeling like it was a waste I look forward and think about what I can do now and more importantly what I want to do now. What has been can’t be changed so better to leave it all behind and go on living in the present.


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