Peace on Earth

Published 12/12/2010 by MoonieZ

Is it foolish and naive to wish for peace at Christmas time ? I don’t think so.  The latest events around my hometown makes me think that need for peace has never been more urgent. Yesterday somebody apparently detonated a bomb in central Stockholm, killing himself in the process. This seems to have been an act of terrorism but there are too few facts of the matter available at this time for me to have any certain opinions about the event. To me it means that Stockholm and Sweden is now no longer any more safe than any other place on Earth. Terrorism can reach us here too. Until recently it seemed like the rest of the world could worry about acts of terrorism but that we here in this far corner of the Earth didn’t have to bother about it in our daily lives. Not so anymore. I don’t think it was true then either but that’s another matter.  Many times while going to Stockholm and travelling by public transportation I’ve worried about things that might happen but not about bombs going off. Now I’m not sure I’ll be doing much traveling by public transportation for a while. Luckily I don’t have any Christmas shopping to do downtown so I will have no reason at all to visit Stockholm’s city center. However this does not concern me only. I worry about my family, friends and relatives and hope that everyone will be safe and that this incident will not be repeated. And I wish for peace all over the world.


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