Here’s to another year

Published 12/08/2010 by MoonieZ

Another year gone by. Well not yet, I know, but I doubt the remaining weeks will change my impression of 2010 in any major way. This year has been a more or less a waste, pure and simple. Nothing happening worth mentioning on the job front. Nothing happening worth mentioning on the love front. A disaster on the money front.  Nothing new on the friends front. Well, actually there are some news on the friends front. I’ll get back to that later. No luck at any games or raffles or whatever else that requires luck. Health status could be better. Teeth status could be better too. Mental status could be a little less depressed perhaps.

JOB. Been searching the whole year. Had the help of a job coach the first 6 months. Didn’t help much except by fixing my CV a bit. Been to one interview during the year. One. Second half of the year has seen me searching on my own and taking part in a training program for two months where I learned to drive forklifts. The most useful result of the program being just that. The trainee part of the program felt most of all like a waste of everybody’s time because I was doing something I’ve done for 20 years already as an employee, but at least I had something to do for a month and got to be at a regular place of work. Have posted about this previously so I’ll skip the details of that experience.

LOVE. Nothing new here. Still living alone. Still looking for the love of my life to appear somewhere where I least expect it to be found. Hasn’t really been looking that much. Kind of given up on that, but some hope still lingers I guess. Sometimes I wonder why I bother at all but somehow I think life has not been complete without some kind of love happening at least once. Maybe a naive idea but there it is.

MONEY. Don’t even get me started on this subject. 2010 is the year I will never forget. The year when my economic situation collapsed and all hope for the future went out the window. I won’t get into the details just repeat this simple notion: save before you buy. That’s what I should have remembered but I managed to forget. With willing  aid of banks offering easy credit but still I did it all myself. Nobody forced me to ruin my economy. Now I’m learning to get by on a very small amount of money and finding that owning stuff is a bit overrated. Owning stuff is not a way to happiness. Happiness can be found without owning suff. Maybe it is even easier to be happy without owning a lot of stuff.

FRIENDS. Made some new friends and kept the ones I have this year means that socially I haven’t been a complete failure even though I often feel like one. Have managed to be of some help to both old and new friends and had some nice and interesting conversations and other communications during the year. This feels good. At least something to help keep me in a better mood when everything else is going bad.

GAMES/RAFFLES. NO luck. None at all. End of story.

HEALTH. Lost weight. Probably a good thing. Have problems with hip, legs, and feet, elbows and shoulder. Probably not so good. Problems with my stomach. Trouble sleeping and sometimes trouble keeping awake. Lack of energy. Lack of motivation. Signs of depression. Broken tooth in upper jaw. Should check teeth at dentist but can’t afford to go. Afraid of what the dentist would find. Keep brushing and hope for the best. Sometimes not eating enough. Sometimes eating too much.

Anything good happen this year ? Yes. A few things. I finally got my driver’s license. That is the best thing I did this year. Second best is learning to drive forklifts. Then I can’t think of anything else I’ve done that has been any good.

So, I look forward to 2011 and hope I will have something good to report at the end of next year.


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