Fourth week

Published 12/04/2010 by MoonieZ

Yeah man I’m back…back for what’s mine. Whatever it may be.

Anyway I’m glad this week is almost done. I made it through my trainee month without too much trouble. Even though I have felt mostly ill and sometimes sick as well. Learned from this experience that work in a big store is not my thing anymore, if it ever really was. I’ve found out my body can’t take it anymore. I am fed up I guess. Because I can’t handle it the way I used to. Also the idea of “working” month after month at a job I already have had decades of experience of as an employee in order to show the employer I know how to do it is a very idiotic idea in my opinion. So now I’m finally done. My mental health has taken some punishment along with my physical health but I think I will recover from this experience in time.

Was supposed to evaluate this training program yesterday, but there were not enough people from the class present so the evaluation had to be cancelled. The reason: the results would be misleading due to the small number of people polled. I would have liked to say that the teachers were good and that the first three weeks of the program were interesting and worth the effort to attend. The trainee part was not as good though. Funny thing is that I didn’t even get a thank you for a job well done on my last day at the store. So they don’t have to worry about me coming back or ever applying for a job there.

I don’t know what kind of work I will try to look for now but I guess I must change my focus after finding out that grocery store work is too hard work for me. Maybe I should go back to school and try to finish my studies and get that degree I still haven’t got. Then I might have more options. Also some job involving driving cars or forklifts might be suitable. Anyway I’ll have to do some thinking.

I haven’t had time for much besides working, eating and sleeping this week so there’s not much else to say. Weather has been cold and there’s a lot of snow.  The car isn’t working properly and I am poor. Also have a cold.


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