Third week

Published 11/28/2010 by MoonieZ

Ok readers, the third week sucked. More than the first or the second.

Started pretty good on Monday when I was late to arrive at my “work” place due to having to help my mother (and I also had to take the car to a garage to have the tyres changed before the cold and snow would come during the week). The work I did was ok. It was good even. So I thought that the rest of  the week would continue to be good. Not so. On Tuesday I was feeling ill but managed to hang on until lunch. Then I was forced to leave and go home, get to bed and rest. First I thought the sickness was due to something I ate but then I concluded the pains where coming from my hip and leg. So on Wednesday I felt the those pains too and had to call in sick again. So one whole day was lost. I rested, drank tea and kept warm. Felt better in the evening and decided to go to work again on Thursday. First I had to take care of some reporting to government agencies so I was a little late on Thursday as well. But the work was ok. Same on Friday even though I looked forward to the weekend the whole day. Saturday was cold with a lot of snow and I went with my mother to buy a new shovel for the snow, did some grocery shopping and went to my father’s grave to light a candle. Sunday morning I woke up at 5:30 due to having to go out to shovel snow and getting the car ready to take my mother to the bus station. She was going on a tour and dinner with some other senior citizens and was away until the evening. It was a nice trip and dinner but the weather wasn’t very good. Cold and snowing the whole day.  I stayed at home, shoveled more snow. Went to McDonald’s for a meal but was disappointed because it was expensive and not as good as I had expected. Later in the evening I went for some groceries before picking my mother up at the bus station and then went back home.  So this week has been mostly bad but now I only have one more week, five more days to go as a trainee at a job I already know how to do and then something else will happen. What that will be I don’t know yet but I doubt it can be any worse.


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