Second week

Published 11/21/2010 by MoonieZ

Second week as a trainee. I’m dead and beat. My body can’t handle this work anymore. I’m too old and too worn out from 20 years of doing the same chores. I never thought I would not like this work. Now I wake up every morning and want to stay in bed, asleep. Instead I get up and go to work. Don’t see the point but still do it. Day after day. Counting the hours and the days until I will be done. Praying I won’t have to stay any longer than already agreed. Feel guilty for thinking this way even though trying to deny that the work is too hard would be dishonest. Anyway I take it day by day and try to tell myself I’ll be fine someday soon. At least I have a few friends to talk to who help me to keep going. Even though some of them have some problems to deal with of their own. I am glad to be able to help or at least to listen to them because it helps me to forget about my own worries for a while. But there are not only problems to talk about. We also talk about other matters and have a lot of fun. Without them I wouldn’t last long.

The weather has been a mix of cold clear sunny or wet rainy and snowy. I’m told the real winter will be coming by the end of next week. It will be interesting to see how long it will last.

Have also watched a few movies on Voddler lately. Among them Iron Man 2, Zulu, Cromwell and G.I. Jane. Some I’ve watched before, some for the first time. I liked Iron Man 2 the most but it isn’t as good as the first Iron Man movie though.

Been listening to and watching the Bruce Springsteen The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story box set. Liked the complete concert from 1978 the most.


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