First week

Published 11/13/2010 by MoonieZ

First week has been murder on my legs and feet. I’m not made for this kind of work anymore. Just too heavy for me. My body can’t handle it. Haven’t got the speed or the strength but I did make an honest try to make it work. Had to give up after a day and half and get some light work. So now I’m arranging the goods on shelfs and keeping it looking well stocked and tidy. It is a very monotonous work but I don’t mind. I’m, not getting paid for it and its work that don’t get done much unless people are doing it as on the job training and that’s what I’m doing. Strange though to think of it as practice and learning when I’ve got 20 years experience already. Well that’s the law of the land these days. Employers can’t afford to employ but they still need work to be done so they hire the unemployed from the government for free and label the work on the job training even though there’s no training going on. The people already know what to do and how to do it. How did this happen ? When did it become too expensive to let people have a regular job and a salary ? Where did all the money go ? Who’s got it ? I know there’s money enough in the world but why isn’t it put to use ? Why have taxes become impossible and why have a safe and caring society become “too expensive” and when did it happen exactly ? People still want to feel safe, have health care, education, and everything else that taxes are used for. People still want to and need to work for a living and have somewhere to live. Businesses still need employees to do the work ? What’s the problem……? That’s what I’d like to know. Because the way we’re going now is not the right way.  Ok, that’s my first week. Enough said.

Want to wish my friends everywhere a great weekend and that you’ll all have a good time and be safe whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. And – yes – You are still on my mind whether you know it or not.


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