Something new again

Published 11/07/2010 by MoonieZ

Tomorrow is the start of something new for me. I will be going to a superstore to practice my new skills and also make use of the old ones. I hope these four weeks will be good for me. That I will find out for sure if working in stores is really what I should be doing. If I am still able to handle the work load and the stress. I used to like to work in grocery stores a lot. But after the long time of problems with my legs and after that being unemployed I’ve started to doubt if I am still fit for this kind of work. On top of that there’s also the age factor and the fact that I did spend four years of study at the University to be able to find a career elsewhere. When I failed to reach my goals in the academic world I fell back to the kind of job I know how to do – retail. However my last employment in that field failed after less than six months and it was more than two years ago. At least it didn’t continue for reasons unknown. I think I did a good job then but of course I’m not as young anymore and my body has taken some punishment from 20 years of lifting and handling heavy goods every day. I really think these four weeks will be my way of finding out if I really want to do this kind of work and how much I can handle of it. Should I fail now then I might as well stop looking for new jobs in this field. Should I make it and find that I still can handle it and that I’m motivated enough to go on I will of course continue to look for this kind of work. Will be an interesting time at least. Probably I’ll be exhausted the first week but perhaps not as exhausted the second week and by the third and fourth I should be up to my normal capacity. At least well on the way towards it. If that will be enough to make a good impression remains to be seen. I’ll do my best within the limits of my capacity.


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