Published 11/06/2010 by MoonieZ

Today we remember the dead. Light candles. Think of those who have passed away. Think of who they were while they were here among us. A very calm and peaceful day. I have spent most of it with my mother and by myself.

For a while my uncle and I were trying to change the tires on the car but without luck. The bolts were too tight. Have to find a place to go where I can have the tires changed.  Makes everything more difficult but it seems nothing is easy this year.

At least I managed to get my license. That’s one of very few things I’m really proud of. I was ready to give up many times but I never did. Instead I gave it another try , and finally I reached my goal. If only I could have the same stubborn determination about everything then I might get somewhere.

Well I am not ready to give up on getting a new job and I’m not ready to give up about people I care about even though I sometimes doubt if I’m doing anything right. Somehow I always manage to get back on my feet after falling on my face. Lately I have thought about not getting up sometimes though when it hasn’t seemed to be worth making another effort. But then I tell myself I am better than that and get back in the race again.

Have been working on a long post lately that will deal with some topics I’ve been thinking about for a number of years. Whenever its ready I’ll publish it and hope some of you will find it interesting. Maybe even be interested in discussing it as I do not claim to have any definite answers to the questions I ask.



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