Looking back

Published 11/06/2010 by MoonieZ

Was looking back upon my writings from two years ago. Some of those posts are really good I think. Much better than what I’m writing recently. Those older posts are even happy and full of hope for the future. I guess at that time I still had a lot of hope and I know I was happy too. At times at least. Well, I’m not exactly only unhappy and without any hope now but too many times I only focus on the negative aspects of my life. I have things to be happy about. There are still moments when I am smiling and feel that life is pretty good and that I’m happy to be alive. During this summer and early fall I did have plenty of fun and many happy moments and for that I’m very grateful. Also happy to have made some new friends this year when so much has not been going well and life has been kind of dark and sad. I’m also happy I still have friends from the online world that have stuck with me for years, one almost for a decade. Don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you – and you all know who you are.  Also I’ve been able to be of some help and support to my friends which I’m very happy for. It’s good to know I can be of some use when I sometimes think I’m useless. So all in all looking back makes me feel better about myself and makes me remember I am actually good at what I do and try to do good to as much as I can.



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