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Published 11/03/2010 by MoonieZ

How do you like the title of this post ? Is it good ? Does it draw attention to itself ? Does it make you interested in reading the blog post ? No ? I thought you’d say that. I know, that’s what you pay me for. What ?! I’m not paying you for anything – you do not exist ! Don’t make me laugh ! Of course I exist. You invented me. Or should I say created me. I did not ! You most certainly did ! Can you prove that ? Can you prove you didn’t ? OK – you’re right let’s not discuss this any further. No problem, pal. I’m not your pal. OK – fair enough. So let’s get on with today’s post shall we ? Sure, you’re the boss ! Thanks. I’m glad you remember that. How can I forget ? Don’t start… OK  – I’m sorry.

Today I’m going to write about something different  and as soon as I figure out what that will be I’ll continue writing. While you wait you are welcome to check out my excellent ability to change  the subject and just keep typing random words until I run out of space. How I developed this ability is something of a mystery since I’m not a very creative writer. The ideas I have are often pretty boring and very normal. Nothing wild ever gets typed when I’m around that’s for sure.

My day today has only been bad news so far. First, the weather is bad – rain and wind. Second, I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for about a week ago. So back to square one. Nothing is going the way I wish or hope or want. No matter what  – there’s always something going wrong. Nothing is easy anymore. Life is boring. Only a few moments of joy here and there keep me from painting it all black. Only a few friends make it all worthwhile.  However – I’m not giving up. Onwards! The future is waiting …

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