A new month

Published 11/01/2010 by MoonieZ

Here I am. New month just begun. Well actually the month isn’t new. November comes around once every year, but November 2010 will only happen once. Right now. The first day of a new month means a fresh start. A good time to let go of the past and start looking forward. Deal with the present and face the future. Right now I’m waiting for a phone call that will let me know when and where my five weeks of on the job training will start. Until then I can’t make any plans for my day or my week.

I woke up very early this morning to go to the  chat room of a friend to witness the drawing of a winner in a raffle I had entered. Of course I arrived too late and got the news after the fact but at least I was there. I made the effort of showing up because it did really matter to me to be there. Even though I didn’t have much to say. Anyway I posted below about those raffles and all about the weekend and my thoughts and feelings. Now I’m trying to put it behind me and look forward. I have to move on or I’ll never stop thinking about what could have been. So I’m going to shut that door.  Being sad and brokenhearted about it won’t help anyway and won’t change the way it is. So on towards the unknown future !

Do have some chores to do. Some papers to mail by the old regular post office. Some minor shopping. Some washing up. Some eating. Some drinking. Some sleeping. Some talking. Some smiling. Some thinking. Some crying. > Wait a minute < No crying – you are  big boy now ! OK . Some laughing. Some walking. Some writing. Some listening. Some … something or other.

Looks like a day full of things to do. So I’ll get to it.



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