Published 10/24/2010 by MoonieZ

Sure I forgot about Saturday. I did have a plan to post before midnight but I got stuck watching TV episodes I had missed earlier. Thank god for the TV stations keeping shows on the internet for online viewing. I have watched the latest episodes of BBC’s Waking the Dead and DR‘s Brottet II . Both are great crime thrillers and worth checking out.

My Saturday was nothing special. I was supposed to change the tires on a car but ended up not getting around to it. So all I did was shovel some of the snow still left from Friday and later go online to check some email and Twitter before going to a chat site and later going for a drive to get some snacks and drink. Then I settled down to watch TV for the rest of the evening. Now it’s early Sunday and I’m still awake typing this. Has been a nice sunny day but cold. Only a few degrees above zero. Tomorrow – or later today – there will be rain so I doubt the tires will be changed today. Would be nice to get it done though in case the car needs to be used.

Haven’t talked to any friends today – been a quiet day. Somewhat relaxing and also a bit boring at times. I feel better than yesterday at least. Some news have put my mind at ease for a while.

Guess that’s all for now.



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