Published 10/19/2010 by MoonieZ

My days are full of education. Work. Learning how to drive a forklift. What goes on in a warehouse. How to work in a terminal handling goods going out or coming in or both.  I find it interesting to learn something new and meet some new people. I like the group I’m in. The teachers are good and seem to know what they’re doing. I just wonder why it had to be two years before anyone thought to suggest that I’d take this training program. Well that’s how it works here I guess. I hope to be able to pass the  forklift driving test at the end of next week. Would be nice to add that to my skills.

So one part of my life is looking good again and that feels good. Just wish all parts of my life would look good at the same time for once. Seems like they never will but I keep hoping that someday they will.

I’m sorry my previous post was almost impossible to understand but sometimes I have to let some steam out in order to be able to write simple and easy to understand posts like this one.

Another evening has passed and I am still missing You. Hope and wish that all is well with You and that someday soon I’ll be seeing you again. I can’t help to worry but that’s only because I care.



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